MIND-LESS-ness v/s MIND-FULL-ness

Are you on autopilot as you rush through your day?

Is the stress that you ALLOW into your day sucking the LIFE right out of you?

Here are 3 things that contribute to Mind-LESS-ness

1.   Running on Autopilot – I used to get up in just enough time to rush through my shower, throw on my clothes, and make it to the kitchen just before the kids. Start breakfast, get the stuff out for the kids to pack their lunches, take one to High School, drop one off at the bus stop, then rush into work…Even if there was nothing pressing at work to RUSH into. Getting mad at the lady in front of me that didn’t take that risky left turn fast enough, or at the yellow light that seemed to curse me at every intersection!

2.   Mind Chatter - Do your thoughts rush around in your head like the ingredients in your ninja smoothie blender? OMG – I need to call that person back! I need to make a dentist appointment. Did I remember to close the Garage door when I left this morning- or did I leave it open for the burglars? When is that project due? Did I remember to request that day off?

3.   O.S. Moment - Getting to the end of the day only to discover that you have forgotten to do something really important. It could be as simple as picking up bananas at the store for the family’s smoothie addiction, or as heavy as forgetting to call a prospective client back in a 24 hour period. Whatever it was for you, I can predict the exact phrase that came out of your mouth.. “Oh SHIT” or “Oh Shoot” in more proper terms. I despise this feeling, and I am determined to reduce or eliminate the amount of times it bites me in the tush.


Here are 3 things you can do to manage your Mind-FULL-ness

1.   Be Present! Step outside the DRONE ZONE (creds to my friend Diggity for that term) Actually take the time to analyze how your morning wake up routine/kid routine/ commute make you feel, and then think about creative ways to make it better.

·      I have added an extra 30 min into my morning routine and that allows me to do things like actually enjoy the smell of my coffee, instead of just gulping it down.

·        I have a shower play list that gets me in a more positive VIBE for my day (my hubs has caught me dancing in the shower more than once! LOL)

·      Take 2 seconds to look in the mirror and say something nice to yourself. “Hey Beautiful, let’s go do something amazing at work today!”

2.   Add a little MED to your routine. MED-itation that is!   A little over 2 years ago, I discovered the CALM app and downloaded it to my iPhone. I had heard about the “practice” of meditation, but my Christian up-bringing had lead me to think at an earlier age that it was bad, because it wasn’t “Prayer”. Being curious, and also educated and informed as an adult, I decided to give it a go. One August morning I began my 10min sessions of learning how to practice this amazing technique, I learned the power of just sitting. Sitting with my breath. Sitting with ME.

Allowing not one single thought to pop up in your mind does require a lot of “practice”, and even after 2 years I sometimes struggle with my 10 min commitment. But, the benefits are ASTOUNDING! I am so much more aware of the pattern of my thoughts, and how those repetitious thoughts keep me from being productive and creative. I can silence those racing thoughts during the day, and harness the power of high level strategic thinking. There is so much science around stress reduction and other amazing benefits of meditation! I encourage you to try it!! SOON!

3.   Learn something new! You can try free classes on your phone through Coursera (there’s and app for that) I have taken classes on everything from Marketing to Neurobiology from top colleges around the world, including Harvard!! Ted talks and pod casts are another fantastic way to learn some REALLY amazing stuff. Also that old school hobby of reading a book 😊 is a fantastic way to move into a state of learning and boost mindfulness. You can start by making a list of your interests… Make a list of a few outside the box you might want to try then research classes, pod casts and books.

Why not change your MIND?

Choose to have a MIND FULL of amazing creativity, drive and purpose.

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I would love to be your partner in crime as you STEAL your Mind, Life, and Purpose back from all the MIND-LESS things that suck the life right out of you..


Your Success Observer,

Lynn Myrick