Lynn Myrick, CPC

I created the Life I Love, and I believe you can too! 


Transformation from the inside out is not only my passion… It’s what LIFE has forced me to do! 

I have started nonprofits, a financial planning company, and a successful coaching and consulting practice, but not without challenges.


Life brings challenges… from the first breath that we take till the last.  Being happy and successful is not defined by the challenges you face in life, it’s WHAT, WHEN, and HOW you deal with those challenges that make you GREAT!! 


Every time life has sent me challenges; death of loved ones, missed job opportunities, divorce, loss, financial burdens, ruptured Achilles, deceit, pain, emotional upheaval … I have dug deep, researched the hell out of it, and have experienced MASSIVE Breakthroughs and Upleveling in my own life as a result!


One of the qualities that I love most that I get to share with my clients is my intuitive soul, it allows me the gift of seeing deeper than just your current situation, and together we uncover the blocks that hold you back, and the MAGIC that you have deep inside that is just waiting to create the life that you were meant to live.


I created the life I love, and I can already imagine what it looks like for you!

Lynn Myrick


Let’s get started…