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Lynn Myrick

About Me

I KNEW I was a powerful, passionate, smart woman, but I just hadn’t tapped into what it was in this world that sets my SOUL on FIRE!!

I was married at the tender age of 22 in the summer of 1997 to my college love.  We built many things in our 8 years together; College groups, a traveling band, a few amazing youth groups, a youth outreach center and most importantly of all our two children; Rachael & Zachary.


Just when I thought my life was bullet proof..BOOM!  I found myself single with 2 babies at the age of 30, and with HUGE scars because of the mistrust and infidelity that destroyed our marriage.

What doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER…

I air my dirty laundry not for pity or for accusation sake (because after 12 years all is forgiven and my LIFE is all that much more amazing for the trial that lead me to ME) BUT, to let you know that I am a REAL PERSON that has experienced REAL tough SHIT in life, and made it out of THAT particular TOUGH SHIT to tell about it!!

Proposal in PARIS! aka- My Life Love

I met my “Now Husband” Tom in 2008 and he fell so deeply in love with me, and I with him, that he proposed to me in the Eiffel Tower in Paris France at sunset. YES-Hopeless romantic was top on my list of Husband qualifications!

We are soulmates, but souls clash too at times,  and by no means are we or I perfect.  The GLUE that holds it all together is the love and respect that we share for each other, and it is unlike anything I have experienced in my lifetime.

Momma to “2”

My daughter is almost 16 : ) and my son is 12!  I drive them insane with my hugs and I just can’t quit telling them about all the amazing “Life Hacks” that will help them navigate this world SO MUCH BETTER THAN I DID!!  I know that they love me, and appreciate that my passion is to see them succeed in life in the BIGGEST way possible!! Shout out to RaZa - you are truly my heart!


I started a career in the financial planning field after completing my college degree at UNC-Charlotte. Which then lead to me co-creating a pretty amazing financial planning firm with 2 business partners.  After 5 years I realized my passion is, and has ALWAYS been to HELP PEOPLE.  I have done that in various shapes and forms over my life, but now I have built a platform to make a difference in people’s lives, and I intend to do it in a BIG way!!

  • Wives who gave their all, only to find themselves alone - I GOT YOU!
  • Ladies out there who are stuck in jobs/lives that aren’t fulfilling your dream.  I GOT YOU!
  • College Girls that are struggling to find their way in this complex world - I GOT YOU! 
  • Teens looking for themselves and only finding trouble and depression - I GOT YOU!
  • Guys who are struggling to succeed in your business (Work and Life)


I promise to walk with you as you learn to stand in YOUR power and make the changes necessary to live a life full of success, passion and fulfillment!

Don’t waste any more time- Call me (if it’s not too late..) or text me to set up a 30min call that could jumpstart you into greatness!