HOW TO GET CLARITY - Through a NEW Lynn(s)!

What does it look like to seek clarity through Life & Executive Coaching?

I always like to refer back to the definition because I find so many times that the way we each interpret a word can be far from the original meaning.

Definition of Clarity:

  • The quality of being clear.
  • The quality of coherence and intelligibility.
  • The quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound.

synonyms: sharpness, clearness, crispness,

Anyone who has been to the Optometrist for an eye exam and expereinced the joy of being presented the giant black and silver face mask aka the “Phoropter” understands the difficulty in choosing between option “1… or 2….” “1… or 2…” “2…or 3…”  These are often tough choices because there is little to no detectable difference between the clarity of the many options given, but the ultimate goal for both you and the Dr. is for you to see clearly.

So, after going to this appointment choosing the clearest option and thereby arriving at the same optometrist office a week later to pick up your glasses, you put them on and

“Voilàthe world is a clearer more precise version of its former self!”

It’s not that the world has changed, it is purely your perception of the world that has been adjusted!  Deeper than that – the lens through which you see the world has been adjusted to bend the light in order to bring clarity to the distortion that once existed.   It may seem like magic, but the eye doctor has been trained in the science of Optometry and understands the anatomy of the eye, and how to correct unclear vision.

I liken this to my role as a life and executive coach. My job is to help people gain clarity in the areas of their lives that are not in focus, or that they have gone completely blind to.  As an Optometrist is trained in the eye, I am trained in the coaching skills that allow me to be able to ask the right questions at the right time to bring awareness to the different options that may be available to you

 “1… or 2…” “2… Or 3…”

Sometimes the changes needed may seem minuscule, but the blocks that have held you from your goals have allowed your focus to become blurred. I can provide the clarity needed; through coaching conversations, Energy leadership and 360 assessments for you and your business team, and though consulting 1 on 1 about the changes you want to see in your business & personal life.

“It’s not that the world has changed, it is purely your perception of the world that has been adjusted!”


Personally I experienced the power of this amazing profession after walking through a difficult biz decision I had to make a few years back. After working with a business coach for 6mos.  I fell in love with the amazing outcome and clarity that it brings to one’s life.

Starting Allora Coaching & Consulting this year has been such an amazing experience, and being the BEST at what I do, and what I offer my clients has now become my passion. The training I received to become a coach is invaluable, but deeper than that is the delicate art of intuition I was born with.  Mix that together with my life experiences and the wisdom I have gained over that time, and I have reached my GOAL-

Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On FIRE!

When I was little I remember my first time taking the eye test at school and feeling like a failure when I couldn’t see what direction that damn E was facing or even if all the letters on that chart were E’s

My mom was alerted that I may need glasses and I went in for my 1st real eye exam – a week after the appointment I arrived at the Dr office and was presented a little brown plastic frame with lenses that were supposed to make me see like everyone else.. Of course as a kid I didn’t want to be different and wear stupid glasses, but what happened next would convince me that the ridicule for being different was worth it.  I stepped outside and realized for the first time that all the distant trees each had individual leaves on them, and that I could see each one in detail like I never had before.  What else had I been missing out on?? With the right CLARITY I experienced new things, and the old problems seemed to be cleared up just with the addition of my lil brown glasses…

If you have always wondered about LIFE & EXECUTIVE COACHING and are now curious about how it can benefit YOU- Please allow me the honor of a 30 min complimentary call, that WILL bring CLARITY and possibly change the trajectory of your life!


~ Lynn Myrick 704.641.7939





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