So being a WONDER-Woman has always been an aspiration of mine from a young age (4 years old in that picture). I loved to wear those Wonder Woman “Under-Roos” everywhere I went- from the backyard to the grocery store, and yes my amazing Momma let me!

I have gone through many phases of trying to be her. From my childhood imagination, to coincidently marrying my first husband and having the last name of Wondracek. That lead to people jokingly calling me Wonder Woman or Wondra-Chick, but feeling the farthest I’ve ever been from being like her. Unlike NOW.

I feel the timing of this new movie highlighting her life couldn’t have debuted at a more poignant time!

As she once again steps into the spot light of media hype and is announcing to the World her message of empowerment through self-discovery and confidence. Coincidently I have finally found my truth and passion in a similar way as I now step into my new career spot light and my true life passion of being a Life & Executive Coach.

WW has many powers and tools in her tool belt that helped her fight for goodness and truth in the World. Here’s how I identify with her.

The Golden Lasso of Truth-

WW- This tool enables her to soften hearts, untangle minds and pull the authenticity and truth from even the hardest of criminals so that the greater good of society could be saved. (Cool fact – Her original creator William Marston also invented one of the first “modern” lie detector tests in 1915)

Me- I don’t see my niche as hardened criminals, but I feel that I use the metaphorical Golden Lasso of truth in my coaching sessions to intuitively enlighten my clients about the importance of finding and honoring what is TRUE for them in their lives. The truth is sometimes hidden deep inside with the many stresses of life blocking them from reaching their TRUE potential.

Golden Bracelets (Gauntlets- historically an armored glove, as worn by a medieval knight)

WW – These metal bracelets were bullet proof and had the ability to deflect bullets.

Me – A little known fact… You will rarely catch me with a naked right arm- I LOVE to wear bracelets! As mine are just for fashion purposes, I see the deflective properties of WW bracelets showing up for me as a coach when I can introduce the concept of the 4 agreements: 1. Be impeccable with your word 2. Don’t take anything personally 3. Don’t make assumptions, and 4. Always do your best. These concepts arm you with deflective powers over things that you can’t control in your life, like the things that other people say and do, and how you interpret those things.

Golden Tiara-

WW- wore a tiara that protected her head, and doubled as a boomerang-like weapon to defeat the evil in the world.

Me – I don’t (usually) wear a tiara when I’m coaching, but I do see this as a representation of using not what’s “on” my head, but what’s “inside” my head. My figurative tiara helps me identify the negative thoughts and judgments of myself, and to bring awareness to my clients of the same. Eliminating these thoughts will have a great effect on their lives both personally and professionally.

Soo, (ALLORA) let me help you find the tools you need to uncover the most TRUTHFUL way to live a life filled with a SUPER HERO like ability, the knowledge to deflect the things that block you, and the deep dive it takes to bring your genius brain online in a way that you are able to tap into hidden energy that leads to your most fulfilled life.

The Month of June is a 30 people coached in 30 day challenge for me and I am offering a 30 min free session to all who inquire!! Join me in pursuing the quest that can change your LIFE!

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