Naming a company is no small feat, in fact I would put it in the same category as naming a child.  It is your creation that you name, nurture and build.  First impressions are everything and the name precedes anything else that you will experience when working with someone.

I wanted the name to exude the power and confidence that I have in my profession, and I wanted it to have a deep meaning.

ALLORA has dual meanings for me, both at it’s origin and in my personal life…

In traveling the world with my husband, we had the most amazing tour guide that lead us all over ROME.  She would look at the group and call out in a loud voice “ALLORA, ALLORA!!”  When we walked through the Vatican, “ALLORA ALLORA - Andiamo!” When we traversed the rocky floors of the Colosseum, “ALLORA, ALLORA”.

We came to understand that ALLORA was both a phrase to motivate us to move as a group to the next amazing sight, and it was also a place filler in the Italian language that is equivalent in English to the word “SOOOOO”. It was etched into our memory from our Italian adventures and now it has been translated into my business name.

The origin of the name ALLORA means Powerful & Complete.

As soon as I read those words I got a rush of excitement about what that could mean for all of the people and companies that I will have the opportunity to work with through my company.

Powerful & Complete… that combination of words encompasses so many aspects of coaching and consulting, and speaks to the idea that we all seek to be EMPOWERED, we all seek to be COMPLETE!

Powerful & Complete in our awareness of ourselves, our skills, our talents, and in the way that we consistently show up everyday.

Sooooo, Are you feeling POWERFUL & COMPLETE?


Is there something that is missing in your business or personal life that you want to change?

Let’s get started!